The King Honors Mordecai (Esther 6:1 – 14)

The night after Haman built the gallows, the king could not sleep.  He asked for the records to be brought, and they were read before the king.  It was read that Mordecai had warned the king of two eunuchs’ plot to kill the king.  He asked what honor had been bestowed on him, and none had been.  He asked who was in the court, and they told him that Haman had just entered (presumably to ask for Mordecai to be hanged).  The king called for Haman, and asked him, “What shall be done for the man whom the king delights to honor?”  In his self-absorbed way of looking at life, he assumed that he wanted to honor him.  So he suggested a royal robe, one of the king’s horses with a royal crest on its head, and a prince to give him the items and parade him through the city square.  So the king liked the idea, and ordered him to do all those things for Mordecai.  Haman did all those things, and then ran to his house and mourned with his head covered.  When he told his family all that had been done, they said that Haman would not prevail against Mordecai, but fall before him.  About that time, the king’s eunuchs came in and brought Haman to Esther’s banquet.

All of a sudden, Haman’s selfish, hateful ways began to backfire on him.  The man he wanted to destroy gained honor from the king, partially at Haman’s expense.  He was humiliated by parading Mordecai through the citadel of Shushan in honor.  He went home shamed, and his family declared his impending doom.  Understand that self-absorption and self-promotion will only lead to destruction in the end.  When you seek your own gain, God will not be pleased nor will He honor that strain of action.  Seek God first, and others second.  Seek your own success last or not at all.  That tack will lead to success and gratitude, and the favor of the Lord!

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