The Jews Saved (Esther 8:1 – 9:17)

After the hanging of Haman, the king gave Esther all the house of Haman, and gave Mordecai the signet ring that had been in Haman’s possession.  When Esther asked for the order to kill all the Jews to be revoked, the king reminded her that no law of the Medes and Persians could be revoked.  However, he gave Mordecai authority to write another law that would countermand the original law, authorizing the Jews to defend themselves in all the cities of the land, including Shushan the Citadel.  All in all, the Jews killed five hundred in Shushan and severity-five thousand in all throughout the provinces.  They also hanged Haman’s ten sons, but did not lay a hand on any plunder.  Afterwards, they rested and made a day of feasting and gladness.  

God does not always answer the way that we expect Him to do so.  Sometimes He just miraculously answers prayers  and shows us His power.  Other times, He instructs us to take control of our circumstances and He will empower us to succeed.  Either way, though, God is directing and blessing our efforts.  Hear the voice of God, and follow His directions and He will bless us richly.

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