When Haman and Ahasuerus were at the banquet with Queen Esther, the king again asked what Esther desired, up to half his kingdom.  She asked that her life and the life of her people be spared, for a plot had been laid against them.  When the king asked who would do such a thing, she responded that the culprit was Haman.  The king walked out in anger, and Haman begged Esther for his life.  When the king returned Haman was laid across the queen’s couch, and the king had his head covered, and one of the eunuchs suggested that Haman be hung on his own gallows.  The king ordered it done, and Haman was hanged on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai.  And the king’s wrath subsided.

When evil men plot wickedness against the righteous, and the righteous pray unto their King, He will hear their petition and intercede.  Trust in that.  Even when evil men prevail and righteous men fall, God is in control.  Trust Him completely!

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