Job’s Response(Job 6:1 – 30)

The response of Job to Eliphaz’s accusation of sin is poetic in nature, with Job using picturesque language to describe his plight and his desire to be heard.  He describes his life as being without taste, like the white of an egg.  He pleads with God for the end of his life, and claims to have no strength.  He then turns his attention to his friends, calling them out for not having given comfort.  He responds to Eliphaz by challenging him to teach Job where he has made his error.  Job then reiterates his claim that he is still righteous, and calls Eliphaz to recognize that fact.

As discussed in the last blog, the prevailing thought of Job’s day was that suffering, especially to the degree to which Job was suffering, was a result of sin.  Job denies that claim and demands his innocence.  This clash of thoughts leads to some tense debate among Job and his friends.  Has this ever happened to you, where a friend or friends accuse you wrongfully, and you suffer?  I think it is more common than we like to think, and it is damaging and hurtful.  When accusers wrong you, do not allow that to destroy you or destroy your relationship if possible.  Know your own integrity.  Own it.  Live it.  Let others presume what they will, but be rrue to God and yourself, and your accusers will be stopped eventually.

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