A Hard Time of Life for Job (Job 7:1 – 21)

Job muses about the hard time of service that man endures on earth, speaking of longing for wages and the end of day.  Job describes his life as being full of months of futility, and wearisome.  His nights are full of tossing and turning, and his skin is diseased.  He compares the brevity of his days to the swiftness of the weaver’s shuttle, and declares that his life will soon end.  Since he is in such agony, Job decides that he will not restrain his mouth, but will speak “in the anguish of my spirit.” He then goes on to ask if he had sinned, or what he had done to deserve the treatment he was enduring.  If he had sinned, he asked for forgiveness and a pardon from God.  Then he could just die.

This type of distress and depression is overwhelming.  The heaviness of financial and personal loss, plus extreme health problems is driving Job to even loathe his own life.  What heaviness weighs you down?  When problems give you a longing to leave this life, be sure you call on God instead of sinking beyond return.  While pain and suffering are very real, there are friends, relatives, church family, and professional counselors that can make a difference in your life.  God is the ultimate source for your deliverance!

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