Job’s Lament: There is No Mediator (Job 9:1 – 10:22)

Job describes God as the Creator of the entire universe, a God who cannot be seen, a ruler unable to be stopped.  He bemoaned the fact that even though he is innocent, God would not listen to him, because He is far too powerful to stop and consider Job’s plight.  He sees God as the one who crushed him and took all that he had.  The. words “I am blameless, yet I do not know myself; I despise my life,” demonstrate the hopelessness with which God lives. He proposes that God destroys the wicked and the blameless, and holds no distinction.  He sees his days fleeing away from him, and sees the vanity of trying to live a normal life as he has been marked by God for disaster.  He would love to have a mediator, or at least have a moment’s reprieve that he might speak with God.  As the book moves into chapter ten, Job decides that, in spite of God’s power, he is going to speak freely of his complaint.  He asks God why He has contended with him.  He uses very poetic language, such as a clay post being ground to dust, milk being poured out.  He then praises God for preserving Him and blessing him in his life.  However, if there is a sin, bring true witnesses against him.  If there is sin, why did God even allow Job to be born?  He then wishes he had not been born.  He then asks to die, and to have a few short days of comfort before he is buried.

What a sorrowful cry!  A man devoid of comfort sees himself in a position of disadvantage of major proportions.  He is pitted against the God Who created the Earth and created him, or at least that is what He believes and feels.  He turns God into a power-wielding, arbitrary dispenser of punishment.  Instead, the God of Job was looking over the situation of Job with care and compassion, because this would turn out for Job’s good and for God’s glory.  In the midst of a struggle, life and its turn of events does not seem to be for anyone’s good, but trust in the Lord will lead to restoration and blessing, even if there is pain in the process.  God knows best.  I think this story shows that we all, even the “perfect” or complete among us, struggle with what life tosses our way.  We all ask, “Why?” at times, but God gives us grace to carry the load, and will take that load in His timing if we trust Him.

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