Bildad’s Speech to Job (Job 8:1 – 22)

Bildad opens his speech to Job with a rebuke, asking how long he would speak like a strong wind.  He lifts up the righteousness of God, and declares that Job’s sons must have been sinful, because God cast them away.  He goes on to tell Job that if he would repent, or be righteous, that God would prosper him again, giving him great increase.  However, he also declares that Job is a hypocrite, and that nothing he has will stand or support him (13 So are the paths of all who forget God;
And the hope of the hypocrite shall perish, 14 Whose confidence shall be cut off, And whose trust is a spider’s web. 15 He leans on his house, but it does not stand.).  Bildad sums up his speech with a discussion of how God deals with people.  He says that God will bless and keep the upright, and that evidoers will be destroyed.

By Bildad’s logic, Job must have been a horrible man, a sinner among sinners, in order for God to judge him so harshly.  This mentality is present even today, as some people feel that God only “punishes” sinners.  However, God sometimes allows us to go through circumstances in order to build our faith.  Bildad’s juvenile faith led him to believe that salvation and blessing are based on works, when the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ shows us that, in His infinite love, God makes room for humanity’s weaknesses, and, at the same time, allows us to experience adversity even when we are living for God in order to show us that His power is not just for the mountaintop, but also for the valley.  When others call you out as a sinner when things go wrong, do not recoil against their accusations.  Simply walk in faith and believe that God, as He did with Job, will restore what was lost and give you life and peace again through His precious grace!

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