An Awesome God (Psalm 47)

The Sons of Korah offer up a psalm of praise to a Mighty God.  The well-known first verse begins the psalm: “Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples!  Shout to God with the voice of triumph!”  The writer goes on to describe the Lord as awesome, great, powerful in many ways.  He is a military champion, a giver of inheritance, God who loves His people.  They continue to describe His appearance:  a shout goes before Him, as does the sound of a trumpet.  The readers are advised to sing praises to God, to the King, for He is King of all the earth.  He reigns over nations, sits on His throne, and all men will gather unto Him.  He is greatly exalted.

This psalm does not ask for anything.  There is no prayer for deliverance or help or provision.  Instead, this is just an offering of praise unto the Lord.  He is declared worthy of praise, and then His greatness is described.  For the writer, the Lord is the greatest of the great, mighty and glorious!  Use this psalm to remind you that our God is still great.  He is still in control of all.  When fear attempts to creep in, remember Who you serve, in Whom you have faith.  He is awesome!

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