God’s Glory in Zion (Psalm 48)

1 Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised

In the city of our God, 

In His holy mountain.

2 Beautiful in elevation,

The joy of the whole earth,

Is Mount Zion on the sides of the north,

The city of the great King.

The Sons of Korah open this psalm with an ode to the greatness of God in His city, Zion.  He is worshipped and regaled in His city, so much so that He is present in her palaces, and kings who come to visit are overwhelmed by its majesty.  God is expected to establish His city forever.  His lovingdkindness is the subject of thoughts and discussion in His temple, and His praise ring out.  Mount Zion rejoices in Him, and Judah’s daughters are glad.  The writer instructs the reader to mark the glory of the Lord in Zion, and know that He will be God forever and ever.

While Jerusalem and Mt. Zion did not maintain their lofty place in Israel due to the sins of the nation, the Lord’s holy city still exists in the spiritual realm.  He will one day restore Jerusalem to its prior glory and even more glory.  One day, however, God will show us a new heaven and a new earth, a New Jerusalem, that will outshine the sun.  We are looking forward to a day when the city of God will forever be graced by His presence in eternity.  Get ready, for it will be great!

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