Save Me (Psalm 57)

David wrote this psalm when he was hiding in a cave from Saul.  He cries out to God for mercy and declares his trust in God.  He knows that when he cries out to God that He will hear and send from heaven to save him.  Although he is among lions with spears and arrows for teeth, God is exalted and His glory is above all the earth.  David’s enemies prepare a net for his steps, and have dug a pit for him, but they will fall into their own traps.

David declares that his heart is steadfast.  He sings and gives praise to God among the peoples and the nations.  God’s mercy reaches to the heavens, and His truth to the clouds.

David here again proclaims his praise for God in the midst of trouble.  Saul has chased him into hiding and there seems to be little hope for a resolution to this dispute between them, but yet David lifts up the glory of his God.  In the face of turmoil, lean on the sure source of strength, your Creator God!

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