I Am Innocent! (Psalm 59)

David writes this psalm on the occasion of Saul sending men to watch his house, intending to kill him.  He opens the psalm with a declaration of his own innocence.  These men seek him for no reason, yet they run through the city and need to be punished.  They run through the streets like dogs, belching and rattling their swords.  But the Lord will laugh at them, and measure out defense upon them.  David does not ask that they die, just that they be scattered and brought down.  Hurt their pride, punish their lying, and consume them.  They seem to keep coming back, growling and searching, but David resolves to sing of the power of God, extolling His mercy and strength, for God is his Refuge.

One of the worst feelings is being accused of something of which you are not guilty.  Lies and false accusations leave one feeling betrayed, because someone had to make up the lie.  Whether a friend or an enemy, a false accusation leaves one feeling the need to be vindicated.  However, when the lier is also seeking you life, it is hard to prove your innocence.  While you may not be running for your life at this particular moment, you may be falsely accused and on the defense.  Have hope.  Live like David, and praise the mercy and strength of your God, your Refuge.  David ran for years, but he became king and fulfilled his calling.  So will you, if you do not lose heart!

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