God’s Protection and Provision (Psalm 64 – 65)

In Psalm 64, David speaks of the secret plots of the enemy to trap and shoot proverbial arrows at the righteous. But God will shoot at them with His arrow, and they will stumble.  Then all men will consider the way of the Lord, and the work of God.  The righteous will be glad and the upright will glory.

In Psalm 65, David promises that the vows made to God shall be performed, that all flesh will come to God, and that sinners will come to God for atonement.  Those whom God chooses will be blessed and will dwell in the courts of the Lord and be satisfied with His goodness.  God will answer by awesome deeds in righteousness, and the world will be in awe at His power.  He further speaks of God’s provision of water through showers and rain.  He then rejoices in the Lord’s provision of abundance, pastures, flocks, and grain.  This all produces rejoicing and singing.

David praises His God for many things.  In this pair of psalms, it encompasses the defense of God’s people from their enemies, and the provision of God to His people.  From time to time, it is essential to recognize the powerful nature of remembering.  Testimony and thankfulness build faith and increase the blessings of God.  Remember God’s goodness and believe for His favor in your life!

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