The City of God (Psalm 87)

The Sons of Korah wrote this song to extol the glory of Zion.  The writer speaks of Zion being the foundation of God’s kingdom, that God loves the gates of Zion and that glorious things are spoken of the city of God.  Although other cities may be named as the birthplace of various people, Zion shall be named as the city established by God.  Zion is the place where all the glory of God springs forth.

While God is most definitely omnipresent, present always everywhere, He seems to place special significance on Zion.  There is no innate holiness in a particular locale, but there is a significance to a place that God designates to meet with His people.  Churches today are just buildings, but they are also sacred spaces where God chooses to meet with His church corporately.  Therefore, we should recognize the spaces God chooses to be significant, and make them significant as well.  God is not limited by time and space, but He does designate, at least for a time, places where His presence is manifested.  Just like the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire signified the express presence of God for Israel moving through the wilderness, perhaps a steeple, a spire, a cross, or the name of God could signify the places where God chooses to meet with His people today.  Or maybe just the place where the people of God gather together in His name.  Either way, be the people of God in the city of God and worship Him!

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