Anguish of Soul (Psalm 88)

Heman the Ezrahite shared a contemplation that the Sons of Korah wrote into a psalm.  His anguish is apparent as he cries out to God as His salvation.  He determines to continue crying out, praying to God day and night.  Why does he pray so determinedly?  His soul is full of troubles, and he feels that he is near death.  He very poetically discusses his plight, describing his situation as one where he is in a pit, in the depths, covered with wrath, without friends, imprisoned, and near death.  He asks God to help him before he dies, because he cannot praise God after death.  He then goes on to ask God why He has not answered, why He has allowed him to be alone, with no friends.

Heman is in a bad way as he offers this contemplation.  He is depressed, perhaps, and down about his circumstance.  He is where some may be as they read this blog today.  In your trouble, though, it is imperative to continue calling on God.  In the throes of despair, the only thing that is productive is prayer.  Complaints, self-pity, and negative speech may overtake your spirit at times, but to change your focus from the problem to the only solution can transform your circumstance.  God is the solution.  Jesus is the Answer.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper.  Look to Him, even when you can barely raise your head and your voice.  He is the blessing you need.

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