Praise Him for His Mercies: Forget Not His Benefits (Psalm 103)

David writes this psalm of praise unto God, primarily lifting up His mercies to mankind.  He admonishes the reader to not forget the benefits of serving God.  God heals, God forgives, God protects, provides, feeds, and renews.  He gives justice to the oppressed, led Israel, is merciful, gracious, even-tempered, forgiving, and unbelieveably merciful.  

Man, on the other hand, is limited, like grass and flowers, here today and gone tomorrow.  But God’s mercy is from everlasting to everlasting, passed down from generation to generation.  The Lord’s rule is established forever, for which the angels should praise Him, and all His hosts, His ministers, all His works.  Bless the Lord, all my soul!

David’s ode to the mercy of God is full of specifics, listing the many benefits of knowing God and serving Him.  When you are weak in faith, when you wonder if God will answer your prayers or intercede in your situation, begin to remember the amazing things God has done for you, and your faith will build.  Remember His benefits, and know that they are not exhausted.  God’s supply is limitless!

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