The Joy of Forgiveness (Psalm 106)

The psalmist here describes the many failings of Israel as a nation.  He speaks of their rebellion by the Red Sea, complaining against Moses when Pharaoh threatened them.  God then dried up the Red Sea and delivered them and led them through, destroying Pharaoh’s army.  They complained for food is the wilderness, and God fed them.  They spoke against Moses and Aaron, and Dothan and Abiram were swallowed up by the earth for their rebellion.  They made a calf of gold in Horeb and worshipped it.  God said He would destroy them, but Moses interceded and God turned away His wrath.  They did not believe they could take the promised land, so God let them die in the wilderness as He promised to give it to their children.  They worshipped Baal of Peor, and God sent a plague, but forgave them when Phinehas offered incense.  They rebelled at the waters of strife, angering Moses until he disobeyed God, and was restricted from the promised land.  They did not destroy the idolatrous people of Canaan, but mingled with them and played the harlot with the idols.  God gave them over to their enemies.

However, the great thing to remember from this psalm is the fact that in the midst of this all  Sin and punishment, God still heard their prayers when they called on Him.  He forgave and restored them on numerous occasions, and they blessed Him.  His mighty acts are numerous and glorious.  Therefore, the people praised Him.

What mighty acts might you praise God for today?  For what mighty acts could you lift up His glory and power among the nations?  When we glorify God, we declare His greatness to those who may not know Him, and we give them an opportunity to know our mighty God.  The testimony of the delivered, blessed people of God is one of the rudimentary forms of witness.  If you feel you are not eloquent enough, or gifted enough to tell the gospel story, start with your own story of how God delivered you.  That is the best story to tell, for it is part of your life experience, and requires no education, simply recollect the blessings of God.  Recollect, testify, and witness, for the Lord is good!

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