The Lord’s Eternal Faithfulness (Psalm 105)

This psalm describes God’s faithfulness in several different verses focusing on various aspects of God’s goodness.  The first verse speaks of the need for men to give thanks to the Lord, which is the purpose of the psalm primarily.  The second verse describes His covenant with Israel and His role as the righteous judge.  The third verse refers to God’s protection of Israel among their enemies.  The next verse describes God’s provision for Israel in sending Joseph to Egypt to provide for them during the famine.  The fifth verse describes their transplant to Egypt to live in favor.  The sixth verse tells of God sending Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt once the new Pharaoh oppressed them.  The seventh verse describes the riches with which Israel left Egypt and the guidance He provided them in the wilderness.  The final verse tells then of the Lord’s covenant with Abraham, fulfilled in Israel, as they took the promised land of Canaan to obey the Lord.  The psalmist sums up the entire psalm with the admonition to “Praise the Lord!”

As with so many psalms, the call to praise the Lord is rung loudly here.  However, the unique nature of this psalm is the writers rehearsal of the great deeds of God in the life of Abraham and his descendants.  Throughout the history of the Jews, God provided for them and delivered them, driving our their enemies time and again.  In our lives today, it would behoove us to write out a salvation narrative that would declare the wonderful works of God in our lives.  Give God praise for the many times He has rescued, saved, and provided for you.  If you do, you will have that narrative with which to rejoice and build your own faith, and the faith of your progeny for years to come.  Perhaps it will not be published.  Perhaps it will not be a best-seller.  But it will be a record of God’s salvation history in your life, much like the writings of this psalmist, recounting His grace! 

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