Benefits of Knowing the Word (Psalm 119:17 – 24)

The writer in this passage extols the virtues of knowing the Word of God.  He even asks for the ability to live and keep the Word.  The Word is wondrous, and the writer needs the Word to navigate this strange world.  He longs for the judgements of God, knowing the punishment that awaits those who are proud and cursed.  He has kept the testimonies of God and meditated on His statutes.  The testimonies of the Lord have been his delight.  Therefore, when reproach comes, and princes speak against him, the Word of the Lord will save and sustain Him.

This psalmist has tried living by the Word of the Lord found in the Scriptures.  In his life, as in the life of anyone who accepts Jesus Christ today, living by the Word brings many benefits, and the protection of our Almighty God.  To enjoy the blessings and bounty of God, the Word must be a regular part of our daily lives.  Dig into His laws.  Live by His precepts.  Obey His voice.  God is looking for obedience above all else, but you cannot obey unless you know His commands.  Be a man or woman of the Word, and you will be a man or woman of the Lord!

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