Hear My Cry: Revive Me! (Psalm 119:145 – 152)

145 I cry out with my whole heart;Hear me, O Lord!

I will keep Your statutes.

146 I cry out to You;

Save me, and I will keep Your testimonies.

147 I rise before the dawning of the morning,

And cry for help;

I hope in Your word.

148 My eyes are awake through the night watches,

That I may meditate on Your word.

149 Hear my voice according to Your lovingkindness;

O Lord, revive me according to Your justice.

150 They draw near who follow after wickedness;

They are far from Your law.

151 You are near, O Lord,

And all Your commandments are truth.

152 Concerning Your testimonies,

I have known of old that You have founded them forever.

The psalmist describes a period of life when his enemies follow him and he longs for deliverance and help.  He reiterates his pledge to keep and know the statutes of God, and pleads for help.  In the midst of the pleas for help, he inserts a specific request in verse 149 for God to revive him.  He sums up the passage by praising God that His commandments are truth and are eternal.

Not many who read this today will be pursued by their enemies, although some may be.  Many of my readers will not be able to identify with the psalmist, who seems to almost fear for his or her life.  However, we all have struggles and problems arise.  Many of my readers weary with the grind under which they live daily.  Your spirits wane because of your load.  Be sure that the word of God will guide you rightly and bring you near the source of your help, which is the Lord.  Also, when you are weary, pray to Him for personal revival.  When your spirit is revived through the work of the Holy Spirit, the load you carry and the battle you fight become lighter and God will fight for you.  Revive us according to your justice, O Lord!

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