The Blessings of Wisdom (Proverbs 2)

This chapter is written as a father speaking to his son about the value and benefits of wisdom.  He states that if the son seeks for and treasures wisdom, that he will understand the fear of the Lord, and receive knowledge and protection from Him.  The father further says that once wisdom penetrates the mind and heart, discretion will preserve and deliver his son from the way of evil.  Wisdom will help him avoid evil men who would lead him astray to do evil.  Wisdom will also deliver him from evil women, who would seduce him into adultery.  Her way leads to death.  Finally, wisdom will benefit him because she will lead him in the paths of righteousness and he will remain in the land, blessed and safe.  However, the wicked will be cut off and uprooted from the land.

The message here is clear:  those who seek wisdom and follow God will be safe, blessed, and will avoid the pitfalls of sinfulness and sinful people.  While this seems like an over-simplification, being blessed is the simple result of doing things God’s way with wisdom.  Listen to the voice of reason.  Hear the words of wisdom.  Walk in the Spirit, and fulfill God’s plan for your life.  In so doing, you will open up blessings beyond what you can know as a sinful person walking in your own ways!

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