Solomon gives some sound advice to his son:  avoid the adulterous woman!  He warns of the perils of an immoral woman, whose words are smooth and tempting, but the end result is a bitter relationship, cutting like a sword.  She is unstable, and leads the simple to hell.  Don’t even go near her house.  Avoid her street!  If you fall prey to the adulteress, you will lose your wealth and your body will be consumed.  You will regret the end of your ways, and will see your total ruin on the horizon.  Instead, drink from your own well.  In other words, be faithful and love your own wife, enjoying her company and physical love.  She is the one for whom God made you.  Do not die because of your own careless sin!

This is good advice to husbands and wives.  Be true to your marriage vows.  Keep your vessel honorable, and cultivate your relationship with your spouse.  Do not keep company with the promiscuous, but rather avoid their flattering words and tempting invitations.  Keep a strong bond of love and intimacy with your spouse, for that is the relationship that will bless you and keep you in Godly satisfaction.  When you are thirsty, drink from your own well, not someone else’s.

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