Song of Solomon 7:7–13 (NKJV)

7 This stature of yours is like a palm tree,
And your breasts like its clusters.
8 I said, “I will go up to the palm tree,
I will take hold of its branches.”
Let now your breasts be like clusters of the vine,
The fragrance of your breath like apples,
9 And the roof of your mouth like the best wine.


The wine goes down smoothly for my beloved,
Moving gently the lips of sleepers.
10 I am my beloved’s,
And his desire is toward me.

11 Come, my beloved,
Let us go forth to the field;
Let us lodge in the villages.
12 Let us get up early to the vineyards;
Let us see if the vine has budded,
Whether the grape blossoms are open,
And the pomegranates are in bloom.
There I will give you my love.
13 The mandrakes give off a fragrance,
And at our gates are pleasant fruits,
All manner, new and old,
Which I have laid up for you, my beloved.

The Beloved continues describing his wife’s body.  He is like a palm tree and her breasts are its clusters.  He determines to take hold of the branches of the tree, showing his desire for her.  He further uses other analogies to describe her breasts and her breath and her mouth.  The Shulamite then responds with her compliments of her beloved and his great desire for her.  She then asks him to come with her to the field and villages, the vineyards to see if the grape blossoms are open and the pomegranates are in bloom.  She promises to give him her love there, where the mandrakes give off their fragrance, and where she has laid up her fruits for him.

This is a powerful image of the moments right before the consummation of the love of a husband and wife.  This is God’s gift and this is God’s plan for men and women and the proliferation of humanity on the earth.  Celebrate that!

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