Song of Solomon 8:1–4 (NKJV)

8:1 Oh, that you were like my brother,
Who nursed at my mother’s breasts!
If I should find you outside,
I would kiss you;
I would not be despised.
2 I would lead you and bring you
Into the house of my mother,
She who used to instruct me.
I would cause you to drink of spiced wine,
Of the juice of my pomegranate.


3 His left hand is under my head,
And his right hand embraces me.
4 I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem,
Do not stir up nor awaken love
Until it pleases.

This passage seems a bit strange, wishing that her husband were like her brother.  This almost has incestuous tones.  However, the most logical explanation is that she wishes that her husband had grown up in her house and that she had known him for her entire life, kissing him at will and eating and drinking together.  Her deep love for her husband, especially once being married and physically intimate, is so powerful that she wishes she had been near him all her life.  She then repeats the recurring lines about his embracing her and the charge not to stir up or awaken love until the right time.

The passionate desire for more of her Beloved is a template for the desire a Christian should have for his or her Savior.  Long for Him, call unto Him, let Him know of your true desire for His company.  While not in a sexual nature at all, the love of a Christian for the Savior is akin to the love of a wife for a husband.  Reach out in love and be His bride!

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