Isaiah 10

Isaiah opens this chapter with an indictment of those those oppress and rob the poor. In Israel, judgment is coming to those who are unscrupulous in their rule over others. He champions the cause of the poor and defenseless and will take vengeance on their behalf.

He then addresses the fate of the king of Assyria. God will actually use him to bring judgment on Israel, but when he boasts of his conquest of them, and arrogantly plots to take over all the region, God will judge him. His extension of God’s purpose into useless and arrogant conquest will be like rebellion and God will not stand for it. Israel will be restored, and His Holy One will light the night and take back what Assyria has stolen.

Isaiah then speaks of the remnant, who will be able to rise against their captor, no needing him to sustain them, for God will sustain them. The remnant will return, and Israel will once again be more numerous than the sand of the sea. The Assyrian will rise as an instrument of judgment for a short time, but will meet a determined end. Do not be afraid of him, for the scourge of the Lord will be upon him.

Isaiah finishes with the Lord’s promise that the burden will be taken from the neck of His people, for God knows right where their enemy will be and will cut him off. He completes the picture with this declaration:

33 Behold, the Lord,The Lord of hosts,Will lop off the bough with terror;Those of high stature will be hewn down,And the haughty will be humbled.34 He will cut down the thickets of the forest with iron,And Lebanon will fall by the Mighty One.When you find yourself in a situation of oppression, understand these things:

  • You may have been living in sin, and the consequences of your actions have come upon you,
  • You may be suffering because of someone else’s sins,
  • You may just be suffering from the effects of the fall of man,
  • But either way, God can and will deliver you if you call on Him, repenting where needed, and believe in His mighty power to save!

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