Micah 2:6–13 (NKJV)

6 “Do not prattle,” you say to those who prophesy.

So they shall not prophesy to you;

They shall not return insult for insult.

7 You who are named the house of Jacob:

“Is the Spirit of the Lord restricted?

Are these His doings?

Do not My words do good

To him who walks uprightly?

Micah continues chapter two with a question from God about His right to speak to His people.  Evidoers have told God’s prophets not to speak, so God is stopping divine communication through the other prophets and is speaking directly to the nation through Micah.  His speech, though, is full of rebuke, and He rhetorically asks if the Spirit of the Lord is now restricted.  He asks if He has suddenly ceased to do good to His people.  Obviously, neither of these things is true, so the Lord is simply pointing out the absurdity of the people’s command for true prophets to stop speaking.

8 “Lately My people have risen up as an enemy—

You pull off the robe with the garment

From those who trust you, as they pass by,

Like men returned from war.

9 The women of My people you cast out

From their pleasant houses;

From their children

You have taken away My glory forever.

10 “Arise and depart,

For this is not your rest;

Because it is defiled, it shall destroy,

Yes, with utter destruction.

11 If a man should walk in a false spirit

And speak a lie, saying,

‘I will prophesy to you of wine and drink,’

Even he would be the prattler of this people.

The Lord moves on to name several additional sinful examples of oppression in Israel.  They have stolen the clothing from innocent passersby.  They have oppressed women, abusing them and evicting them from their homes, until their children are sold into slavery.  The land is defiled, and false prophets have arisen, lying to the people in the name of the Lord.  

micah 2-1212 “I will surely assemble all of you, O Jacob,

I will surely gather the remnant of Israel;

I will put them together like sheep of the fold,

Like a flock in the midst of their pasture;

They shall make a loud noise because of so many people.

13 The one who breaks open will come up before them;

They will break out, Pass through the gate, And go out by it;

Their king will pass before them, With the Lord at their head.”

The Lord shifts His focus in this latter part of the chapter.  While the beginning and middle of the chapter pointed out the sins and arrogance of Israel, these latter few verses offer hope for restoration once the judgment has come.  He uses the shepherd leading the sheep as an imagery of how the Lord will gather Israel (the remnant) together until there is the sound of a flock in the fold.  Then, the great Shepherd will break open the bondage, signified by the gate, and lead them to their destiny.  God is coming for those in bondage to set them free.  Just as He will judge those who oppress, He will liberate those who are oppressed and restore what was lost.  If you are an oppressor, know that God sees your unjust actions and judgment may come.  If you are oppressed, have faith and believe for God to deliver you.  God will never judge in this life without an opportunity for restoration!

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