Nahum 1:7–15 (NKJV)

7 The Lord is good,

A stronghold in the day of trouble;

And He knows those who trust in Him.

Nahum gives an additional praise here to God, Who is strong and mighty for His people.  God is an impenetrable fortress and stronghold, protecting those who love Him.  He is trustworthy and strong.

8 But with an overflowing flood

He will make an utter end of its place,

And darkness will pursue His enemies.

9 What do you conspire against the Lord?

He will make an utter end of it.

Affliction will not rise up a second time.

10 For while tangled like thorns,

And while drunken like drunkards,

They shall be devoured like stubble fully dried.

11 From you comes forth one

Who plots evil against the Lord,

A wicked counselor.

12 Thus says the Lord:

“Though they are safe, and likewise many,

Yet in this manner they will be cut down

When he passes through.

Though I have afflicted you,

I will afflict you no more;

Nahum continues to speak of the judgment coming to Ninevah, or Assyria by extension.  He asks why anyone would attempt to stand before the Lord.  They will be cut down, and Israel’s affliction will end.  The enemy of God’s people will not just be driven out, but will be cut down, never to afflict them again.

nahum 1-1313 For now I will break off his yoke from you,

And burst your bonds apart.”

14 The Lord has given a command concerning you:

“Your name shall be perpetuated no longer.

Out of the house of your gods

I will cut off the carved image and the molded image.

I will dig your grave,

For you are vile.”

15 Behold, on the mountains

The feet of him who brings good tidings,

Who proclaims peace!

O Judah, keep your appointed feasts,

Perform your vows.

For the wicked one shall no more pass through you;

He is utterly cut off.

The Lord speaks through Nahum that idolaters will no longer dwell in Israel. Their bondage of Israel will be broken off, not just removed, but rather destroyed.  The chain will explode, and freedom will flow.  The Lord will cut down carved and molded images and restore the message of peace with God.  He instructs Israel to return to proper worship, observing feasts and making vows to God.  This is a promise of restoration that Israel can hold dear in their captivity.  Whatever “captivity” in which you find yourself, know that God is watching over you, willing to drive out your enemies and restore your soul.  While you may be overwhelmed and in bondage today, the Lord can break those chains, and He will be a Refuge in the day of trouble.

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