Nineteen years ago, in what now seems like a very different time, two airplanes flew into the World Trade Center towers in the Manhattan borough of New York City. A plane hit the Pentagon, and another attempted to hit the White House, but was thwarted by heroes who retook the cockpit, unfortunately falling to their death in Pennsylvania. When I look back at that event and remember the atmosphere of that day and the days following, I reflect on the reaction of America: we prayed.

What are we doing on a day when a global pandemic has hit the nation and the world? Are we falling on our knees and seeking God for healing and repenting of our sins? I think that the response to this crisis is not hardly as Godly as on 9/11. When social injustice seems to stare us in the face, are we crying out to God for justice and believing Him for revival and reconciliation? No, we are pointing fingers, looking upon one another with disgust, rioting and calling names.

The only truly great response to global, national, or global crisis is prayer. Find a place right now as you read this and pray. Ask God for guidance concerning your response to all this and listen for His voice. When you call on the name of the Lord, He will answer if you give Him time and space to do so.

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