1 Hear my prayer, O LORD,
And let my cry come to You.
2 Do not hide Your face from me in the day of my trouble;
Incline Your ear to me;
In the day that I call, answer me speedily.

  • Lord, I cry out to You in my distress. Hear me!
  • I need to hear Your voice, see Your face. Let me know that You are aware of my circumstances and that You are inclined to hear my prayer.
  • I need You desperately, and I need You now!

3 For my days are consumed like smoke,
And my bones are burned like a hearth.
4 My heart is stricken and withered like grass,
So that I forget to eat my bread.
5 Because of the sound of my groaning
My bones cling to my skin.
6 I am like a pelican of the wilderness;
I am like an owl of the desert.
7 I lie awake,
And am like a sparrow alone on the housetop.

  • The world is crashing in around me. Evil men and women attack me on my left and my right.
  • My health is failing and I feel death trying to swallow me up.
  • I cannot eat, and I groan in sorrow all day long.
  • I feel like I am all alone, with no comfort.
  • Please come near and speak peace to my heart. I need You, O LORD!

8 My enemies reproach me all day long;
Those who deride me swear an oath against me.
9 For I have eaten ashes like bread,
And mingled my drink with weeping,
10 Because of Your indignation and Your wrath;
For You have lifted me up and cast me away.
11 My days are like a shadow that lengthens,
And I wither away like grass.

  • People speak ill of me and declare my unrighteousness, even when I do well.
  • They tell lies about me and swear to bring about my harm.
  • I have cried until I have no more tears.
  • I feel like You have cast me aside. Your wrath against me is harsh.
  • The day is getting away from me and I have little hope.
  • Please help me before my life ebbs away.

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