כ‍ Kaph

81 My soul faints for Your salvation,
But I hope in Your word.
82 My eyes fail from searching Your word,
Saying, “When will You comfort me?”
83 For I have become like a wineskin in smoke,
Yet I do not forget Your statutes.
84 How many are the days of Your servant?
When will You execute judgment on those who persecute me?
85 The proud have dug pits for me,
Which is not according to Your law.
86 All Your commandments are faithful;
They persecute me wrongfully;
Help me!
87 They almost made an end of me on earth,
But I did not forsake Your precepts.
88 Revive me according to Your lovingkindness,
So that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.

  • Lord, when I am weak and weary, I will look into Your word for strength. My hope is in You!
  • When I cannot find comfort in Your word, although I read day and night, come to me and affirm Your great word. I need to hear from You.
  • I will not forget You or Your word. No matter how sorrowful my life may be, I will remember You. I do not know how long I will live, but I will live according to Your word.
  • Please judge those who harass and seek to harm me.
  • Evil people set traps for me, but they do not honor Your word.
  • You are faithful, and Your word is faithful.
  • When people seek my harm, please help me, O LORD!
  • I feel like my life could end at any time, but Your word sustains me.
  • Revive me, Lord, that I may live and glorify You.
  • Let me experience Your mercy, Your lovingkindness.
  • Help me to be a man of Your word at all times.

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