י Yod

73 Your hands have made me and fashioned me;
Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments.
74 Those who fear You will be glad when they see me,
Because I have hoped in Your word.
75 I know, O LORD, that Your judgments are right,
And that in faithfulness You have afflicted me.
76 Let, I pray, Your merciful kindness be for my comfort,
According to Your word to Your servant.
77 Let Your tender mercies come to me, that I may live;
For Your law is my delight.
78 Let the proud be ashamed,
For they treated me wrongfully with falsehood;
But I will meditate on Your precepts.
79 Let those who fear You turn to me,
Those who know Your testimonies.
80 Let my heart be blameless regarding Your statutes,
That I may not be ashamed.

  • O, Creator God, Who made the whole earth and my body and soul, teach me that I may understand Your ways and Your instructions.
  • Help me and all of my people to fear You, for in the fear of You is wisdom and understanding.
  • Help me to be glad in the presence of Your followers, and let them rejoice in me as well.
  • I know that all Your judgments upon me are right, even when I suffer, for You are right in all things.
  • Comfort me with Your mercy, and be kind to me in Your grace.
  • By Your mercy, I will live and not die. By Your mercy, I will delight in You.
  • Stop the ragings of the proud and arrogant.
  • When evil people lie about me and about You, let their words of falsehood be silenced. Let Your word ring through the streets without impedance.
  • Bring all Your people, who hear and obey Your laws, together in unity. Let us speak forth Your word and declare You as God in all the earth.
  • Help me to live a life of holiness that will reflect Your will and Your goodness.
  • I will not be ashamed when I live according to Your truth!

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