Song of Victory Over Zion’s Enemies

A Song of Ascents.

1 “Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth,”
Let Israel now say—
2 “Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth;
Yet they have not prevailed against me.
3 The plowers plowed on my back;
They made their furrows long.”
4 The LORD is righteous;
He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.

  • Lord, I had been attacked many times.
  • My spirit has been low because of the enemies of my soul.
  • How can I respond? What can make me glad again?
  • You remind me, O LORD, that their attacks have not stopped me.
  • Your strength has kept me from death.
  • Although I am carrying scars on my back from their constant riding, I am strong and alive.
  • The Lord has cut up the ropes that held me bound.
  • I am alive because of You and Your protection and defense, Lord!

5 Let all those who hate Zion
Be put to shame and turned back.
6 Let them be as the grass on the housetops,
Which withers before it grows up,
7 With which the reaper does not fill his hand,
Nor he who binds sheaves, his arms.
8 Neither let those who pass by them say,
“The blessing of the LORD be upon you;
We bless you in the name of the LORD!”

  • Lord, make my enemies ashamed.
  • Let them wither up like grass growing on rocks when the sun beats down upon them.
  • Let their fields cease to produce fruit.
  • I pray that the prosperity of the enemy will come into my hands, and that they will fail miserably.
  • Lord, keep my enemies at bay and prosper me as I follow You faithfully.

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