10 For Your servant David’s sake,
Do not turn away the face of Your Anointed.

11 The LORD has sworn in truth to David;
He will not turn from it:
“I will set upon your throne the fruit of your body.
12 If your sons will keep My covenant
And My testimony which I shall teach them,
Their sons also shall sit upon your throne forevermore.”

  • Lord, in Your mercy, allow us to seek You and find You.
  • You promised to be with us always. Your condition is that we live in covenant with You.
  • Give us the strength to honor the covenant and live in holiness.
  • If we fail, please have mercy on us and forgive us so that we may live with You in peace.
  • Your promises never fail. Thank You that You allow us to serve as leaders in Your kingdom.

13 For the LORD has chosen Zion;
He has desired it for His dwelling place:
14 “This is My resting place forever;
Here I will dwell, for I have desired it.
15 I will abundantly bless her provision;
I will satisfy her poor with bread.
16 I will also clothe her priests with salvation,
And her saints shall shout aloud for joy.
17 There I will make the horn of David grow;
I will prepare a lamp for My Anointed.
18 His enemies I will clothe with shame,
But upon Himself His crown shall flourish.”

  • You chose a people out of all the earth, and You gave them a place to dwell.
  • You live in our hearts and make us glad.
  • Bless our habitation with provision, with righteousness, with redemption.
  • Give us joy and prosperity. Increase us in numbers, resources, and spiritual influence.
  • Give us light to see and walk in Your ways.
  • Make our enemies walk in the cloud of their own shame.
  • Let our leaders wear a crown of righteousness and honor.
  • You are God and we honor You. Thank You again for allowing us to be a part of Your kingdom. May God the King rule forever!

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