LIVE@5 – January 25, 2022

Mark 6:30 (NKJV, also appearing in Luke 9:10)

30 Then the apostles gathered to Jesus and told Him all things, both what they had done and what they had taught.

Mark 6:30

This short, simple verse tells of the disciples report back to Jesus after He had sent them out to preach and teach and heal. Jesus did not necessarily need a report from the disciples, for He knew all things and saw them in action as they performed their spiritual acts. The report was more for them to be able to hear, rejoice, and reflect on the goodness of God and the power of the Holy Spirit working through them.

The church is in need of victory stories. Years ago, many of my Pentecostal forefathers would testify to “having the victory.” I did not understand the nuance of that to begin with, but later came to understand that they were not living in defeat, but in a sense of victory based on the goodness of God. When a Christian rejoices and reflects on the past goodness of God, it is easier to believe for what God can do in the future. Reflect on His greatness, and believe for the great things of God.

LIVE@5 – January 25, 2022

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