This morning I sit at Charlotte Douglas International Airport awaiting my flight to Newark to join a team of 50 pastors and religious leaders on a Spiritual Journey to Israel. I traveled to Israel in 1996, and it absolutely opened my eyes to the significance of the land of Israel Biblically, politically, and spiritually. It made the Bible come alive to me. It made me very aware of the political and military unrest in the area, and it touched me deeply on a spiritual level. I look forward to returning this week.

Israel is a tremendous place to pilgrimage. The history, the fact that much of what stands in Jerusalem and Galilee today actually stood during the life of Christ, it is simply mesmerizing. There is no magic in a hill called Mt. Calvary or a Garden tomb, or the foundation stones of a house in Capernaum, but somehow I feel close to God when in those places. I look forward to meeting Him there again. I meet Christ every day in devotional time, much like this moment, and at church and in other meetings. However, walking where Jesus walked and praying where He prayed…well…it is just special. Pray for our safety and be on the lookout for pictures and videos from the Holy Land over the next 8 days!

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