Day One

Jesus’ incarnation was a pivotal event in the course of all history. For hundreds if not thousands of years, the entire calendar of history revolved around the life of Christ. B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini or Year of our Lord) came after a year designation to show whether it was before or after the life of Christ. No other individual has more radically and powerfully impacted the course of human history. All of history prior to Christ pointed to His entrance into the world, and all of time after Christ remembers and reflects on His life. Christianity has been the fastest-growing, most aggressively evangelistic faith in the world in the last 2000 years. Nothing and no one has ever changed the world like Jesus has!

With these facts in mind, how has Jesus impacted your life? I found a devotion by Bill Gaultiere ( that examines the reactions of seven players in the narrative of Christ’s birth. It got me thinking about our reactions to the days of Christ(mas). I will be spending the next several days before and after Christmas reflecting on these characters and other Christ’s birth thoughts. I will resume the Biblical Reflections on December 26th with the beginning of the book of Acts.

So, what does the birth of Christ mean to you?

  • Is it a chance to have parties and celebrations with family and friends?
  • Is it primarily a gift-giving season?
  • Is Christmas all about the children and their happiness?
  • Is it about a jolly old elf in a red suit?
  • Is it about travel or time off from work?

While none of these are necessarily inherently evil in and of themselves (don’t get me started on the jolly guy), they do tend to cloud and distract us from the meaning original significance and meaning of celebrating Christ’s birth. This season, as we examine Zecharias, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the innkeeper, a sheep, and the Magi, let’s allow their stories to inform our stories and then tell His story so that others may find their own stories in Christ. Whew, here we go. See you on Monday!

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