Day Two

Yesterday I referred to Gualtiere’s “Advent Devotional Experience” and his seven character sketches. He begins with Zechariah. To summarize his thoughts, Zechariah is where the story of Christmas begins. Hi nine months of silence after doubting God’s ability to give Elizabeth and him a child was God’s way of getting him to hear the voice of God, even when the message seems improbable. John the Baptist came in spite of Zechariah’s lack of faith, and he learned to withdraw from the noise and listen to what God’s promises proclaim. Just as Zechariah burst forth in praise at the end of his period of silence, so can you hear from God and then proclaim His praises.

What noise gets in the way of your hearing from God? Zechariah did not stop long enough to hear and consider the great message of hope that the angel tried to deliver. He fell short of the faith needed to believe for a miracle. Yet God, in His grace, performed the miracle in spite of Zechariah’s unbelief, but muted him in order to provide him an opportunity to reflect on the angelic message. Will you stop this season long enough to hear the angelic message? Will you listen, hear, and believe that God will do the miraculous? That He will provide the blessing that has been so long delayed?

If you will stop, reflect, and believe, God will always deliver on what He promises. Busyness will rob you of you ability to pause. Sit still and listen to God. Don’t reject His word and will like Zechariah. He is longing to deliver the Christmas miracle you need. He did deliver His son to live, die, and rise again for us. He offers you that Christmas miracle today. Receive Him in spite of all the noise. Receive Him in a moment of solitary silence. Be a voluntary Zechariah, not a forced Zechariah. Joy will come to those who look for it!

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