The three magi studied the stars and the ancient prophecies, risked their lives to take an arduous journey across the desert, and dealt with the murderous King Herod – all to give their gifts to the newborn king. Who ever heard of kings worshiping another king? These wisest of all wise men wanted to give their best gift to Christ (Matthew 2:1-12). Maybe you are drawn to follow the wise men’s example of giving a gift to Christ? We give Christmas gifts to many people, but may forget to give one to Christ! Follow the magi’s example and tell Jesus what you want to give to him from your heart…

Gualtiere, Soul Shepherding, Christmas Devotional Experience

The final characters are unnamed in the Bible, although tradition gives them names. They are called wise men, magi, kings, all of which have subtle nuances of distinction. Although these men did not actually make it to Jesus until much after his birth, they are a part of the nativity story in the book of . They brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts were fitting for Christ in His various roles. Gold is fit for a king. Frankincense is used in the worship of a deity. Myrrh is used in preparing bodies for burial after death. Jesus would fulfill all of these purposes in his short life. What will you give Jesus this season? He deserves our best, our first, our all. Give Him your best this season and worship the King, the Son of God, the Savior.

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