• Lord, You are my great Shepherd, nurturing me with food and water for my soul, and protecting me from my enemies.
  • I can lie down, eat, and drink because I trust in You.
  • You lead me in great paths and comfort me all along the way, even if I traverse through dangerous, deadly places. Thank You for Your constant leadership.
  • Keep me forever in Your care, and help me not to stray from Your presence.
  • The entire earth in Your creation and your purview. You are the Lord of all!
  • I am unholy and cannot come before You. Please forgive and cleanse me of all my sin.
  • Let me sit with You and worship. I long for Your presence.
  • I will lift up my head and open my gates for Your entrance. You are the LORD of hosts, and I welcome Your powerful entrance into my life.
  • Come in and show me Your glory.
  • I lift up my soul to You, O LORD. My enemies come against me, but You are my strength.
  • Keep them from triumph over me, and I will not be ashamed.
  • Show me the path to victory. Help me to walk in it faithfully and with excellence.
  • I wait on You. Remember me with Your eternal lovingkindness and mercy.
  • Forget my sins and make me clean in Your sight.
  • You are good. You guide the humble, You teach sinners, You keep covenant with Your people.
  • Help me and pardon me for Your name’s sake!
  • Who fears the Lord? I will live in prosperity when I do.
  • My reverence for You opens up intimacy with You. Tell me secret things and show me the truth of Your covenant.
  • Rescue me from my attackers, and set me going again.
  • Have mercy on me and save me. Keep me, deliver me, preserve me, and let me not be ashamed.
  • I wait for You, my Great Redeemer and my God.
  • You are the Good Shepherd

Artwork from https://www.gracewellington.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Psalm23-Cover.png

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