14 Like sheep they are laid in the grave;
Death shall feed on them;
The upright shall have dominion over them in the morning;
And their beauty shall be consumed in the grave, far from their dwelling.
15 But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave,
For He shall receive me.

  • Lord, I say again, the evil will not triumph. You are Lord of all.
  • Lord, stop them in their tracks. Put aside their evil schemes.
  • I do not pray for the death of human beings, but I do pray for the end of the demonic actions to which they are driven.
  • Give them a glimpse into the better way You have for them to live.
  • Help me to lead them to life everlasting and away from the evil deeds they seek to commit.
  • God, redeem me from their schemes and set me upon a solid foundation.
  • You will receive me.
  • I pause and meditate on Your saving power and glorious grace in my life.

16 Do not be afraid when one becomes rich,
When the glory of his house is increased;
17 For when he dies he shall carry nothing away;
His glory shall not descend after him.
18 Though while he lives he blesses himself
(For men will praise you when you do well for yourself),
19 He shall go to the generation of his fathers;
They shall never see light.
20 A man who is in honor, yet does not understand,
Is like the beasts that perish.

  • I will not envy another man’s wealth.
  • I will not be afraid that I will not get my portion.
  • My portion is the Lord.
  • I will not trust in riches, but I will trust in Him Who created me and saved me and sustains me.
  • Those who trust in riches will fail and will die with nothing, just as they came into the world.
  • Help me, O LORD, to trust only in You, and to live for You all my days.
  • You are my Lord, and I cry to You alone. You are my source!

Artwork from https://storage.googleapis.com/pverse/verses/b/u/but-god-will-ransom-my-soul-from-the-power-of-sheol-for-he-will-receive-me-esv-4410.jpg

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