26 He sent Moses His servant,
And Aaron whom He had chosen.
27 They performed His signs among them,
And wonders in the land of Ham.
28 He sent darkness, and made it dark;
And they did not rebel against His word.
29 He turned their waters into blood,
And killed their fish.
30 Their land abounded with frogs,
Even in the chambers of their kings.
31 He spoke, and there came swarms of flies,
And lice in all their territory.
32 He gave them hail for rain,
And flaming fire in their land.
33 He struck their vines also, and their fig trees,
And splintered the trees of their territory.
34 He spoke, and locusts came,
Young locusts without number,
35 And ate up all the vegetation in their land,
And devoured the fruit of their ground.
36 He also destroyed all the firstborn in their land,
The first of all their strength.

  • Lord, give me the authority and boldness of Moses.
  • Help me to overcome my fears and trepidations and to lead a nation to repentance and deliverance.
  • Give me Your word that I may deliver to Your people.
  • Lord, open doors for me and make ways for me.
  • I am desirous of Your power working in my life.
  • Lord, overwhelm my enemies with trouble and plagues.
  • Show them Your power through the prayers of Your people.
  • Demonstrate Your authority that others might submit under Your mighty hand.
  • When I declare liberty, freedom, and deliverance over Your people (at Your behest), break the hold of bondage upon them that they may be truly free.
  • We need You that we may succeed and fulfill Your purpose. Show us the way, clear the way, and walk with us in the way. You are the WAY!

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