7 Answer me speedily, O LORD;
My spirit fails!
Do not hide Your face from me,
Lest I be like those who go down into the pit.
8 Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning,
For in You do I trust;
Cause me to know the way in which I should walk,
For I lift up my soul to You.

  • I am feeling overwhelmed, Lord! My situation is dire, and I need to hear from You!
  • Please let me behold Your face in the Spirit. Let me know that You are there.
  • I do not want to die, nor do I want to fail.
  • Give me Your mercy early, and help me to trust You all my days.
  • Guide me when I an uncertain, and rescue me when I am lost.
  • I declare my need to You. I submit my soul to You. I give You my all!

9 Deliver me, O LORD, from my enemies;
In You I take shelter.
10 Teach me to do Your will,
For You are my God;
Your Spirit is good.
Lead me in the land of uprightness.

  • Lord, hide me from those who would harm me.
  • You are my Rock and my Shelter.
  • Teach me to follow Your words and to obey Your voice.
  • You alone are God. Your Holy Spirit comforts and moves me along on the correct path
  • Lead me to a life of uprightness. Lead me according to Your will. Lead me to the land where You dwell, O LORD!

11 Revive me, O LORD, for Your name’s sake!
For Your righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.
12 In Your mercy cut off my enemies,
And destroy all those who afflict my soul;
For I am Your servant.

  • Revive me, that Your name may be glorified. Show the world that the Lord of my life is able and worthy to receive praise.
  • Bring me out of the snare of my enemy. Take me from trouble and make me well and whole.
  • Extend Your mercy to me and allow me freedom from my enemies shots and arrows.
  • Destroy the opposition of my soul, and keep me whole, for I am Your servant, and You are my Father God. Thank You for Your covering and protection, Your grace and mercy, Your provision and guidance. You are my source and all that I need!

Artwork from https://www.bible.com/verse-of-the-day/PSA.143.8/67191?version=1

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