Mary offered the prayer that receives the Christmas miracle: “Let it be to me according to your Word” (Luke 1:38, NKJV). She was God’s chosen vessel to give birth to the Messianic dream that God’s people had been waiting hundreds of years for. But as any mother knows, it’s painful to give birth! And in her case she had the added trials of being scorned as an immoral woman and riding 90 miles uphill on a donkey just before giving birth to her son in a cave full of dirty, loud, smelly animals! (Luke 1:26-56; 2:1-7, 19-20). Perhaps you can relate to the promise and challenge of giving birth to God’s dream for you? Is there something special that you hope to give birth to this Christmas season? Ponder and treasure this God-dream in your heart and pray for the Lord’s guidance and blessing…

Gaultiere, Soul Shepherding, Christmas Devotional Experience

In this excerpt from the Christmas Devotional, Gaultiere speaks to the experience of Mary, the Virgin Mother. She is approached by an angel, an awe-inspiring experience by itself, who then tells her that she will conceive miraculously and have a baby that will be the Messiah. What a daunting thought! Yet this was God’s plan to save the world and bring healing to a broken people. Her days to come would be filled with challenge, ridicule, and even uncertain security, yet she said, “Let it be unto me according to your word.” The process of fulfilling God’s plan and will can be painful. It is hard work. It is not always accepted and most often is not appreciated until someone realizes what a gift salvation really is.

To what is God calling you today? What is God’s plan for your life? What is the great and glorious dream God has given you? The truly Godly dream is always bigger than you, and impossible to fulfill without the work and anointing of God in your life. Let God’s gigantic dreams become your reality. Let His hope enliven your spirit this holiday season. Let Christ be the joy of your existence. Like Mary, say “Let it be unto me,” and God will show you how the dream can become reality. God will do things in you and through you that are bigger than you and beyond you if you will trust Him. Be a dreamer. Be like Mary. Be amazing through Christ.

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