Joseph’s daring faith in the Lord is sometimes missed in the Christmas story. He believed in Mary’s virginity when no one else did and he endured a lifetime of ridicule for doing so. He bet his life on words that an angel spoke to him while he was sleeping. He accepted the daunting challenge to raise the Messiah as his own child (Matthew 1:18-25). Maybe you too are facing a challenge? Do you need God’s help to prevail in an overwhelming struggle? Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to help you to obey him in the midst of the stress…

Gualtiere, Soul Shepherding, Christmas Devotional Experience

Gualtiere talks about the experience of Joseph as the betrothed husband of Mary, trusting and believing in his wife in spite of the fact that she was pregnant even though he and she had never been physically intimate. An angel had told him that he could trust her and believe in the Messiah being carried in her womb. This was a challenge, a struggle. Joseph could have quit. He could have run away. He could have “put away” or divorced his wife, Mary. Instead, Joseph took on the challenge and welcomed the Son of God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, into His home.

Whatever struggle you may be facing today, you can overcome the challenge and succeed, because God will be with you if you believe in Him. Don’t let unusual circumstances or tough situations stop you from fulfilling God’s purpose in your life. He is your source and strength. Wherever He may lead you, He will go with you, and He will enable you and protect you. Christ came to save us. Christ came as a gift to the world. Joseph was key in helping Him fulfill that purpose. You are a key to God’s plan for today. Answer the call and walk in that purpose!

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