The Innkeeper probably thought he had a good excuse for not finding a room for Jesus in his inn and for sending Mary, who was in labor, to go into the cave with the animals to have her baby (Luke 2:7). At least he did provide the cave. And yet, we can imagine that when he heard that the newborn child was the Messiah he probably regretted that he wasn’t more hospitable to him! Perhaps you can relate to the Innkeeper’s predicament: your schedule is overcrowded and you don’t have enough room to give the time and attention to Christ that he deserves (and that you need!)? How could you make generous space in your schedule and your heart for Christ this Christmas season?

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Make room! Wow, what a thought. I know that my schedule is slammed this holiday season. I have already attended at least 15 holiday gatherings/parties/events and the season is still in full swing. I have several projects going at church that demand my attention. We have had six funerals in about four weeks. We are in the middle of some personnel changes in some vital positions among our staff. We have a staff retreat coming up right after Christmas and leadership meetings this week to determine our final budget numbers for next year. While all of this is “normal” for us this time of year, it is not always easy and it does chew up a chunk of time…every day. Yet, being able to sit in my study and read the word and pray, and then sit in front of this computer and talk about the things of God, well that is just an oasis from which my dry soul can drink. It is the foundation for my day. It is the platform upon which I can stand.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. This is the Lord’s work. Your work is the Lord’s work if you give it to Him every day. He wants to walk with you at the factory, in the field, at the office, at home. He wants your time just as much as you need His time. You cannot live spiritually without Him. But another wrinkle, one that many dismiss or consider improbable, is that God wants you to be a part of His plan. Today. Every day. Do not allow the busyness of life to keep you from a genuine relationship with God. Do not allow the noisy voices calling to you from all directions to keep you from hearing the One Voice that matters the most. I am glad the innkeeper at least allowed Joseph and Mary to crash in the cave. When a young pregnant couple knocked on His door in the middle of a mob, he gave them a place to bring God into the morass of humanity and the cacophony of confusion. Be a window into heaven in your world today. Let His light shine through you!

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