What joy was Gabriel’s and all the angels who announced the Christmas gospel! What a glorious message they sang from the skies just above the shepherds’ heads! (Luke 2:8-15). Maybe this Christmas season you know that you need to cultivate a heart of worship for Christ? What do you especially appreciate and admire about Christ? Let the angels lead you in praise to the Son of God…

Gualtiere, Soul Shepherding, Christmas Devotional Experience

Angels are in the practice of praising God at all times. They understand and know His greatness, His awesomeness. They cry out words of praise constantly. While this is normal for them, it may surprise humanity because we are not always in the habit of praising God continually. However, one of the greatest things we can do is praise the Lord. When Christians do so, it is as if the message of the gospel simply flows from our lips to hurting and desperate people. When the angels sang and spoke to the shepherds, their existence was transformed. They suddenly had hope and joy and peace in a mundane existence. Into whose life might you pour hope today? To whom might you make a difference? Be like the angels this season and shine the light of Jesus’ birth wherever you go. Testify of His goodness to you. Worship His greatness! Glorify God in the highest and bring peace to all. This is the joy of Christmas, to declare His glory and spread the gospel message abroad.

Artwork from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/360499145147156918/?lp=true

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