Imagine the thrill that the shepherds felt when the angels sang the news that the Messiah, the King of kings had just been born in Bethlehem! No one would’ve ever picked the shepherds to be visited by Christmas angels. They were poor. They were societal cast offs. And yet that’s exactly the point of the Gospel: the last shall be first, the poor shall be rich, the least shall be the greatest, the humble shall be exalted. Probably the shepherds marveled at God’s generosity and kindness and felt unworthy (Luke 2:8-20). Is it hard for you to accept that God bestows his glory on you? Are you confident in God’s acceptance of you? If you struggle to esteem yourself as God does then lift up your head with the shepherds and let the Lord honor you with the gift of Christmas…

Gualtiere, Soul Shepherding, Christmas Devotional Experience

Shepherds. Not rock stars. Not tycoons or moguls. Not kings or patriarchs. Shepherds. That is to whom the angels chose to reveal the coming of the Savior of the world. The Decision is was not. Jesus’ birth was made known first to blue-collar, lower-level employees. They were usually outdoors, smelling of sheep. They were not considered desirable. David was ridiculed by his brothers for keeping his father’s sheep. Moses’ fall from fame included him keeping his father-in-law’s sheep. Yet, these are the people to whom Jesus’ birth was announced.

God accepted them. God exalted them, gave them a place of honor in the grand scheme of salvation history. God has a place and a purpose for you as well. Whether you are a prominent person in your community or not does not determine your ability to answer God’s call. God knows of what you are capable. He knows your abilities and talents. He calls upon you to fulfill His purpose for you. “Do not be afraid,” the angels said. That is the message of Christmas for the tentative and the uncertain. God loves you, in spite of your sinfulness or failures. God wants to save you, in spite of your unworthiness. God wants to use you, in spite of your shortcomings or inabilities. Just like a lowly shepherd, you have something that God considers valuable, and He reveals Himself to you because He considers you worthy. Answer His call today!

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